About Ken Randall of Alabama

Based in Alabama, Kenneth �Ken� Randall heads iLawVentures, a private educational company. Kenneth Randall came to this position after serving nearly 20 years as the dean of the University of Alabama School of Law.

Early on, Ken Randall attained four law degrees at Hofstra, Yale, and Columbia Universities, including the J.S.D. as a fellow in international law at Columbia. During much of that time, he worked as an associate at Simpson, Thacher, & Bartlett, where he handled securities litigation.

Shifting to a full-time academic position, Kenneth Randall signed on as an assistant professor at the University of Alabama. Obtaining a full professorship early in his career, he won two teaching awards. His rise within the administration began with service as the law school's vice dean. As a full dean, he significantly increased the faculty roster and salaries and lowered the faculty-student ratio to 13:1. He also expanded the school's clinics to cover such areas as small businesses and homeowner mortgages.

He then used his experiences with online learning to create iLaw. As president, he made possible the delivery of numerous distance-learning opportunities for law students inside and outside of juris doctor programs. The company now serves 20 percent of the nation's law schools.